Common causes of PIN misidentification are:

  • You are dialing at the incorrect time. Participants will be able to join the meeting at least 15 minutes before the call starts. You should also check the Time zone of the call, as many participants book calls from different time zones.
  • You are entering a PIN that has already been entered. Are you sure you did not share your PIN with anyone? If you accidentally did, post a question on the chat and ask the moderator for the Conference Code (if available).
  • The call you are trying to access has exceeded capacity. If you are planning a large meeting, contact us to accommodate your meeting.
  • Keying a PIN in too quickly or too early. To avoid this, wait until Calliflower asks you for the PIN and then press each number key distinctly followed by the pound (#) key at the end.
  • Using a VoIP application. While many VoIP applications do a great job passing telephone keypad digits, audio quality can vary dramatically. This is especially true for travellers. You may find that in the United States you are able to connect to Calliflower using a VoIP client like Skype, but in Europe, you're unable to. If you're having trouble dialing in with a VoIP client, hang-up and try again.
  • Alternatively, you can avoid PINs altogether by entering the phone number you are calling from in your account settings. Calliflower will then recognize your caller ID and automatically connect you.