Echoes and other audio quality problems can usually be solved by taking a few simple steps.
If you hear an echo on your call, there is most likely someone on the conference call that has a microphone placed near speakers that are causing the feedback. Inexpensive speakerphones can also sometimes cause the same problem. If your call is a small call, and you can immediately identify who the person causing the echo is, ask that person to mute his or her line until they need to speak. If the call is large, then the best thing to do is mute everyone from the call dashboard and unmute participants as they need to talk. Ask participants to use the raise hand feature when they wish to talk.
Call quality problems are most often caused by poor quality hand sets. To have the best quality on a large conference call:
  1. Ask people to call in from a land line rather than a PC based VoIP solution, or a mobile telephone.
  2. Avoid cordless phones. Use a phone with a wire. Use a headset, if possible. Not only does a headset improve audio quality, it leaves your hands free to operate a keyboard or take notes.