Call in using Skype by adding our Skype contact “calliflowerskype” and calling it. You will hear the same automated message when you call in as you would if you called in from a phone. When prompted, enter your PIN using Skype's dial-pad, (see below).
After you've added our Skype contact calliflowerskype, try calling in before the meeting begins. Once connected, you can enter your PIN by accessing the dial-pad on Skype (see below), or you can configure Skype in advance so that PIN entry isn't required. If you get connected to your meeting successfully, then Skype connectivity is working, and you are ready for your meeting!
To enter your PIN on Skype you need to bring up the dial-pad. First call our Skype contact "calliflowerskype" or add it if you don't have it. Next click the dialpad button at the top right and a window will appear where you can enter your PIN.
NOTE: DO NOT click "call" after entering your PIN. Simply press the pound key after you enter the digits of your PIN, and you will be patched through.
In order to use Skype without a PIN, you need to setup your Skype Caller ID for your mobile phone, which is free to do. Click here to visit Skype's website and setup your Caller ID. Once there, click the "Set up Caller ID" button to begin.