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Setup & Configuration for Calliflower

To moderate a call, you will need access to a computer and an Internet service to be able to create the meetings in the Web dashboard. After the meeting has been created however, you can simply dial-in using just your phone, if that is your preferred calling option.

A computer is not necessarily required for participants to join a Calliflower meeting. However, if participants wish to be able to access any of the online-only conference calling features, such as the text chat, or accessing recordings after the meeting, then one would need a computer.
Calliflower works best with Google Chrome, but is supported on Internet Explorer (excluding IE8), Safari, and Firefox. Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher should also be installed.
Once you've gotten started, you can click your 'Profile' to change your log-in address, see your usage summary, billing transactions, organizer accounts and more. We've compiled all the important information in one convenient location.