Unlike some of our competitors, Calliflower does not require any setting up or installations. The only thing you need is the Adobe Flash player plug-in for your browser. If you don't have it, you will be notified in the document sharing section and will be given a link to get it.



By default, all participants have the ability to upload documents to the meeting. To upload documents, click the filename of the document that is currently being displayed, which appears at the bottom of the document sharing section where it says “Currently Viewing:”. The window shown below will pop up which lists the documents currently loaded for the meeting. The “Add A File” option allows you to upload another file. You can upload any of the common office document formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or an image. Your file is uploaded, converted and in a few seconds available to be presented to everyone else. All documents used in the meeting can be downloaded by all participants by clicking the green arrow beside the name of the document. To close this pop up, click the filename at the bottom as you did to open it.



Calliflower converts all uploaded files into Adobe PDF format for display. If you find that you can't see the file you uploaded, whether a presentation or a spread sheet, chances are the document did not convert to PDF successfully. Therefore, we recommend you to upload your files to PDF format. You can do so by exporting your XLS, PPT or DOC files into PDFs from your own computer. Many word processors have this functionality.



Try adding your files into the meeting before it starts to try it out!